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The Entry Book is to express your condolences and remembrances of our SF Family KIA in War on Terrorist

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MSgt Emigdio Elizarraras 7th 2-28-06 SFC Chad A. Gonsalves    7th    2-13-06 SSgt Ayman A. Taha   5th   12-30-05
MSgt Joseph J. Andres    1st  12-24-05 MSgt Anthony R. C. Yost 3rd 11- 19-05 SFC James Ochsner    3rd  11-15-05
Capt Jeffrey Toczylowski 10th 11-3-05  SSgt. Matthew Kimmell   5th   10-11-05 SSgt. Gary R. Harper       5th 10-9-05
SFC Obediah J. Kolath       1st  8-28-05 Master Sgt. Ivica Jerak    10th  8-25-05 SFC Trevor Diesing      10th  8-25-05
Capt. Jeremy Chandler      3rd  8-11-05 SSgt Christopher Falkel      3rd  8-8-05 SFC Brett Walden            5th    8-5-05
Sgt. Jason T. Palmerton    3rd  7-23-05 M Sgt. Robert Horrigan      7th  6-17-05 SSgt Christopher Piper  7th    6-3-05
SFC Victor Cervantes        7th  6-10-05 Capt. Charles Robinson       7th    6-3-05 SSgt Leroy Alexander     7th    6-3-05
SFC Steven Langmack       7th  5-31-05 SFC Allen Johnson              7th  4-26-05 Sgt. Jeremy Wright        1st     1-3-05
SFC Pedro Munoz                7th    1-2-05 SSgt. Robert Goodwin          3rd  9-20-04 SSgt. Tony B. Olaes        3rd  9-20-04
SSgt. Aaron Holleyman      5th  8-30-04 Capt. Michael Tarlavsky     5th   8-12-04 Staff Sgt. Paul Mardis     5th  7-15-04
SSgt. Robert McGee            1st    7-1-04 Maj. Paul Syverson III          5th  6-16-04 Capt. Daniel Eggers        3rd  5-29-04
SFC Robert Mogensen       3rd  5-29-04 MSgt Richard Ferguson   10th  3-30-04 CWO Bruce Price           3rd  5-15-04
Sgt. Roy A. Wood                20th   1-9-04 Sgt. Maj. Michael Stack     5th   4-11-04 MSG Kelly Hornbeck    10th  1-18-04
SFC Mitchell A. Lane        3rd   8-29-03 SSgt. Paul Sweeney           3rd  10-30-03 SFC William Bennett      5th  9-12-03
MSG Kevin Morehead        5th   9-12-03 SGT Orlando Morales        7th   3-29-03 SFC Mark Jackson          1st  10-2-02
SFC Peter P. Tycz II           3rd  6-12-02  SFC Christopher Speer       3rd 7-27-02 SFC Daniel Romero       19th  4-15-02
SGT Gene Arden Vance   19th 5-19-02 CW2 Stanley Harriman        3rd  3-2-02 SFC Nathan Chapman      5th  12-5-01
MSG Jefferson Davis         5th   12-5-01 SFC Daniel Petithory            5th 12-5-01 SSG Brian Prosser           5th  12-5-01

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